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Tekiyah can help you:

Strategize your marketing & fundraising
Maximize your impact
Solidify your brand
Project professionalism
Ensure consistency

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The fine print:

Free Consultations: We love to shmooze and talk about new ideas. We don’t charge any fee for initial consultations. This is gives us both a chance to connect without obligation, and feel each other out before we begin working on a project.

Fee Structure: Whenever possible, Tekiyah operates under a flat-rate fee structure. Our philosophy is that we should all focus our energy on producing the best possible project, and avoid watching the clock. So we quote jobs in advance, and as long as the definition of the project doesn’t change, we’ll honor the quote even if we spend more time than anticipated. From our experience, this approach leads to smoother collaboration, minimizes hesitation, and allows the creativity to flow on both sides.

Scheduling: Our schedule is often booked weeks in advance. To avoid disappointment, if you have a major project coming up that you would like Tekiyah to work or consult on, it is best to contact us as early as possible – ideally at least a couple of months in advance.