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Fundraising Presentations

Creating a solid fundraising plan and professional fundraising material
is by far the best investment you can make for your organization’s growth.
It is a process that will:
Empower to you clearly assess and articulate your objectives
Focus your development and financial goals
Position your organization for long-term success

An effective presentation will:

  1. Make your organization look impressive, and reflect the greatness of your cause
  2. Project a professional image through quality content, writing, and design
  3. Tell a story and articulate your “why” clearly (and dramatically, when relevant)
  4. Be personal, engaging the donor on an emotional and intellectual level
  5. Demonstrate your case statement – the challenge and the solution
  6. Make your plans look real
  7. Show the impact — qualitative and quantitative (using data and infographics)
  8. Give you confidence in your mission and your fundraising plan
  9. Establish credibility, trust, and fiscal responsibility using real numbers and projections
  10. Communicate the “ask”, tell the donor what investment you expect

Types of fundraising presentations

Annual Campaign brochures
Capital Campaign brochures
Annual Reports for public consumption
Annual Reports for board members and donors
Project Proposals
Multimedia Presentations & Slideshows

Tekiyah’s Advantages

  1. Experience. We know how to ask you the questions that will bring the right information forward.
  2. Multiple Skills: Concept + Writing + Finance + Design. Every word is edited and every financial spreadsheet is combed through so that your presentation is refined to perfection. We can also help create the content for you.

Time & Money

The questions everyone asks: How long will it take, and how much will it cost?
You have two options (or something in between):

    • Ready-Made Presentation
    • A ready-made fundraising presentation based on an existing template, through our Tekiyah on Demand store. 
    • Includes:
      12-page Organizational Profile
      4-page Annual Report
      Formatted Excel spreadsheets
    • Submitted text and financials are reviewed and edited as needed.
    • Avg. Time: 1 week
    • Avg. Cost: $1,500
    • Next step: Place an order through our online store, or contact us below for help.
    • Place an Order
    • Custom Presentation
    • A unique presentation to impress, or for a special project or situation that does not conform to a template.
    • Includes:
      Custom Presentation
      Whatever you want or need
      Anything is possible
    • Text and financials are created, edited, and/or rewritten as needed.
    • Avg. Time: 4-6 weeks
    • Avg. Cost: $5,000+
    • Next step: Contact us below for a free consultation and project proposal.
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