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Think Outside the Books

Bookmarks are a unique, economical and effective way to communicate a message to your guests during High Holiday services. Several clients have asked us to develop bookmarks for a variety of fundraising and marketing purposes: You don’t charge membership, but the bills have to be paid – a handy donation card on the bookmark gives your guest the opportunity to participate. The soul calls the Jew to come for services, but the mind wanders – a bookmark containing basic instructions and a schedule can make people feel more at ease. You have a captive audience, many of whom may not attend other programs – perhaps a friendly informational bookmark will motivate them to learn more about what your organization has to offer. Attractive and functional bookmarks with multiple configuration options can be ordered through our Tekiyah on Demand site. The bookmark designs also match our High Holiday ads, so you can coordinate your marketing efforts. Click here to see for yourself.

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