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Tekiyah was approached by Rabbi Levi Notik of Chicago, representing a consortium of Chabad organizations organizing a regional Shabbaton for students and young professionals in the Chicago area. Targeting both students and young professionals with a single campaign would be a major challenge. Also, the guests would be hosted by families in the Chabad community of West Rogers Park, so it was important to strike a balance in creating something that would attract students, but also make the community feel proud. Marketing materials would also be needed to attract volunteers in the community to host the students.

Tekiyah created a stylish but understated ad that leaned toward the maturity of young professionals. The thinking was that students would attend an event for young professionals, but young professionals might avoid an event that was overtly appealing to students. We also created a matching ad with a different message to recruit community members.

“Everything was expertly crafted with our intended audience in mind. Not just the design, but also the style of the writing, and the wording itself. It was clear throughout that Tekiyah had an intuitive grasp of the marketing needs of this project and what would speak to students and young professionals.”

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