Tekiyah Creative


“Tekiyah did a wonderful job of listening to our needs and interpreting them to create attractive, professional materials. We feel it is important for our organization and its stakeholders to put forth a creative and professional image that fosters the right attitude and contributes toward achieving our objectives. Tekiyah plays a major role in making it happen.”

“Thanks so much for your help and timely fashion… What inspires me the most is that you seem focused on helping us acheive our goals and vision through your work, and you aren’t just running a business.”

“When a project requires special treatment, we turn to Tekiyah – a fountain of creativity. These guys are the closest thing we’ve found to an idea factory.”

“We are grateful to Tekiyah for consistently coming up with bold advertising materials and copy, and working with us to meet the marketing needs of our affiliates.”

“Thanks so much for your help and patience in getting the project done… I appreciate your can-do attitude and creative ideas.”

“I owe you a real debt of gratitude. Working with you was a pleasure, the material was beautiful… you really got it and understood what we needed. The donor who we honored was extremely impressed, and has pledged some serious funds and support for our project. Thank you so much!!”

“It’s amazing. A masterpiece!”

“You get the sense, from the outset, that Tekiyah is part of your team, sensitive to the unique needs of your organization and its marketing requirements, and genuinely interested in your succeess.”

“The thing I like best about working with Tekiyah is that you have complete trust. You know that you have someone who is not just providing great service, but who is on your side.”

“I have been using Tekiyah Creative for about five years. I feel confident that when I hand something over, the job will get done on time, with the utmost professionalism.”

“Our publicity is really getting noticed and communicates our message more effectively. We appreciate the creativity and the intuitive grasp of our needs, both of which consistently exceed expectations. And they are a pleasure to work with.”

“Not only is the quality and originality of the work top-notch, but they are a true pleasure to work with.”

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