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What’s Our Brand?

The first step in marketing, even before determining your market, is to know who you are. This especially true when it comes to Chabad, since we’re not merely trying to capture a certain audience, but we’re here to impart certain truths. So we have to ask ourselves: How do we embody these ideals in our public representations? How do we reflect what Chabad is all about in our advertising and marketing? Our “brand” is the most successful movement on the planet and the most advanced, profound lifestyle choice a person could make. Thanks to the dedication and sincerity of thousands of shluchim, Chabad is also synonymous with brotherly love and integrity. So we have to do everything we can to protect that brand. Every word, flyer or brochure that we publish should reflect the quality and integrity of who we are with unabashed confidence. Chabad marketing should therefore always be bold and dramatic, understated when necessary, and uncompromising in its integrity and professionalism.

MARKETING 101 is a monthly column that explores various marketing theories and issues as they apply to Chabad.

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