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The ‘Branded House’ versus ‘House of Brands’ debate

One of the classic branding/marketing conundrums every company or organization needs to confront in setting its overall brand and marketing strategy is: Are we a “branded house” or a “house of brands”? The branded house approach means that one primary brand is firmly established and carries through all the product offerings: Chabad Hebrew School, Chabad […]

That’s Funny: Marketing With Humor

Using humor in advertising and marketing campaigns is one of the most effective ways of getting your target audience’s attention, creating a memory, and getting them to share your message with their friends, while creating a positive brand association at the same time. Studies have shown that humor improves both attention and retention of information. […]

Marketplace Psychology

In the task of creative effective advertising and marketing concepts, it is crucial to understand the psychology of how people make “purchase” decisions. True, in our field we are not selling a product per se, but we are asking people to “buy in” to what we’re offering. The psychology of buying in can be broken […]

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