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That’s Funny: Marketing With Humor

Using humor in advertising and marketing campaigns is one of the most effective ways of getting your target audience’s attention, creating a memory, and getting them to share your message with their friends, while creating a positive brand association at the same time. Studies have shown that humor improves both attention and retention of information. So if you want people to listen and remember, whether it is a lecture or an ad, humor is a powerful tool.

Humor cuts through a cluttered marketplace to capture the attention of jaded consumers, and can make you look good. With Purim coming up, now may be the best time to try out using humor. But, there are a few points to keep in mind:

Know where to draw the line – the line will change depending on your personality, your organization’s personality, your desired brand image, your community and your intended market positioning (how you want to be compared to the “competition”).

Humor shouldn’t be forced, it should be natural

The humor has to fit the personality of the organization

Humor should get people’s attention without overpowering the message or the brand

Humor is best used as part of an overall marketing strategy, where the above marketing elements (personality, positioning, image, etc.) are concretely developed, and can therefore accurately take all of the above factors into account.

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